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Declaration of Results

Mayor/Reeve: __________________________   of ______________________________


Councillor: __________Town_______________   of ____Raymore___________________


Ward/Division No. _________ (If applicable)

Board Member: ____________________________ School Division No. _______

Subdivision No.___________________ (If applicable)

Board Member: __________________ Separate School Division No. _______

Subdivision No.___________________ (If applicable)

 for the election held on the26th day of October,  2016.

Names of Candidates                          Number of Votes or  Acclamation/Elected

Armbruster Douglas                                           178                  Elected

Bentz Brian                                                          133                  Elected

Ferland Wayne                                                     71                   Defeated

Flahr Travis                                                          99                    Defeated

Horvath Lorne                                                      196                 Elected

Mihalicz Glen                                                       166                  Elected

Millar Aaron                                                         152                  Elected

Morrow Rita                                                         97                    Defeated

Purdue Derek                                                       166                  Elected


Joanne Hamilton
(Returning Officer)